Brent Johnston

LPC, SUD, Mental Health Counselor, Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA

Freedom From Addiction

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I had the pleasure of working with Brent as my volunteer for the demonstration of The Crocodile Set Up on the 28th September, 2o19, in Westminster, Colorado, USA. Prior to that, I had not met Brent.

We had just that one session together, where we did the initial Double Spot processing and then afterwards we did the single Expansion Spot.

Brent’s behaviour which he wanted to change, was his drinking of alcohol.

I am happy to say, we have been in contact since, and his progress continues to expand. He is very happy to share these 2 updates with you.

The first update was 4 months after that one session, the second update, one year later.

UPDATE#1: February, 2019

Four months after being the “client” in the “Crocodile Set Up” live demonstration for Roby during her Brainspotting & Addiction Crocodile set-up training [in Westminster, Colorado, USA, September 2018], I have not had a drop of alcohol.

I haven’t even had the urge to drink during the (Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year) holidays, or last week, when I was cooped up at home due to the Winter Polar Vortex slamming Green Bay.

I have been painting, writing, and watching what and when I eat. I’m also down about 20 pounds, without doing much for exercise. I have plans to build on to this progress.


Update #2: Saturday 28th September 2019 

One year After One Session of The Crocodile Set Up with no additional therapy afterwards 

It’s been a year since I volunteered as the demo for Roby Abeles and her Crocodile Setup for BSP and Addictions. Since that time I have lost 56 lbs and continue to become more active each week.

There have been no urges to get intoxicated in any which way.

The best part is that I have been able to socialize in all the previous environments I enjoyed myself in the past: at bars, stadiums, and concerts.

I also haven’t had any “refresher” BSP or traditional talk therapy sessions to reinforce this progress.

I can’t thank Roby enough for what she has done for me.

I’m very excited to see where this new path continues to lead me.

Brent Johnson, Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA.


Monica Wright

Clinical Psychologist, Melbourne. VIC. Australia

Thank-you so much! An informative, engaging and extremely worthwhile training. I am using the crocodile set-up whenever I can.

Phoebe Hutchison

Counsellor, Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia.

Roby, thank you for your magnificent training at the addictions brainspotting seminar in Melbourne, 20th May, 2018. This seminar is absolutely essential for any counsellor who is working with clients impacted by drug and alcohol. I love the Crocodile Set Up! I also loved about the vast knowledge that was shared on addiction and the: brain, body, and addicted person’s behaviour.

I loved the idea that addiction has a trauma base, and why, and how, this drives the addiction. I loved learning: how it feels to be an addict from your personal addiction stories, what happens in the addicts brain during craving and using, and what behaviour we can expect from an addicted person, as well as how to support them non-judgmentally, in their recovery journey. I felt that your training left no stone unturned. I would happily recommend your seminar to anyone wanting information and tools to use to help others recover from addiction. Recovery is not fast, however, it is possible using your Crocodile Brainspotting Set Up, to connect the neural pathway in the brain between cravings and consequences. What could be better than that?

Roby, you are a legend.

Thank you for teaching me Brainspotting two years ago, and thank you now for teaching me Brainspotting for Addiction Recovery. Brainspotting is the most effective tool that I use in counselling


HI Roby, here is an update, since the BSP & Addiction demo October 8th, 2017, ten months ago.

In the BSP Crocodile Set Up demo, although I didn’t declare it to the group, I worked on my addictive behaviour of caretaking (vs caregiving) in romantic relationship(s).

The demo we did together started a process to break through my deep Father wound. I’ve had minimal support with that since then, and it miraculously : ) cleared something that kept the recurring relationship pattern repeating.

During the crocodile process I identified specifically what the trauma was: No emotional & no physical connection with father.

I intellectually knew it was a Father trauma but not the specific emotional deprivation and the extent of it. I managed the emotional deprivation by caretaking and became a narcissist feeder : (

The BSP “Crocodile” session triggered the big shift to finally integrating it at the body awareness level. I believe the session released the memory stuck in the body and released it.

Since then I have felt the dots connect over time. And lead to the “connection” of why I do what I do as a “felt” experience.

And then when the body ‘got it’ then the message went to my PFC and the process was complete. Within a couple of weeks my addiction to care taking stopped by itself. All the lights when on and it just stopped. I honestly didn’t “do” it. It was done by my body.

Believe it or not…..

And – the bottom-of-the-bucket lightbulb:

It was My father who broke my heart, not my boyfriends or ex-husband.

The freedom is priceless!

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