Treatment Centre & Mental Health Clinic Consultations

Treatment Center/Mental Health Clinic Consultations



Dr Abeles, through Brainspotting Australia Pacific, provides Expert Consultation for all Substance and Process Addictions, Trauma, and all other mental health presentations.

Dr Abeles is available by Skype/ZOOM to Owners, CEOs, Clinical Directors, Nursing and Managerial Staff of licensed mental health programs worldwide.

Consultations are for whatever needs the facility requires, including:

  • Organising in-house, Phase One and Phase Two Brainspotting training for staff
  • Follow up consultation/supervision of Brainspotting trained therapists to assist in integrating the modality into the current framework
  • Organising staff Brainspotting & Addiction “Crocodile Metaphor and Set-Up” and “Hero’s Journey” process and Brainspotting Set Up training
  • Follow up consultations with  individual or group staff to assist with the integration of the work into individual cases
  • How to create a truly 21st Century integrated program including updating outdated programs (many programs still are using programs developed in the 1980s, we can do so much better now) by using cutting edge, mind/body inclusive, current neuroscience-informed and based modalities;
    • Brainspotting (David Grand)
    • Somatic Experiencing (Peter Levine) and/or Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (Pat Ogden)
    • Integration of self-regulation practices into staff culture, and client treatment plans;
      • Stephen Porges and Deb Dana’s “Polyvagal System” to teach  self-regulation skills
      • MATES Brain Regulation Program (based on Dan Siegel’s Interpersonal Neurobiology)  to teach  self-regulation skills
  • Inclusion of Food As Medicine and information on the gut/brain axis and the microbiome as it relates to mental health
  • Clinical and program reviews
  • Case Consultation on specific or challenging cases
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Dr Abeles is also available as an advisory board member to international non-profit and charity organisations

Current Advisory Board positions


The Serenity Trauma Foundation:

The mission of Serenity Trauma Foundation is to help servicemen and women suffering from Military Sexual Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; victims of trafficking; and, all types of abuse, reestablish a sense of safety and connectedness in the world by providing them low cost or free multidisciplinary therapeutic services.


AusCam Freedom Project:

Their mission is to break the cycle of poverty, by providing education and holistic skills support to young women and girls in Cambodia. Education has the ability to prevent human trafficking and exploitation before it starts. AusCam’s programs have also given many of these young women a way out of human trafficking that they have been trapped in.

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