Crocodile Set Up©®

If you are a therapist searching for a solution to the nightmare of addiction relapse, my Crocodile Set Up may be the answer.

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The Crocodile Set Up©®

I developed what has become known as “The Crocodile Set Up” for addiction relapse cessation in 2015 and first presented it at the 1st Intl. Brainspotting Conference in Brazil in March 2016. Since then I have taught it all over the world. It is Trademark and Copyright protected world-wide.

The feedback from therapists and clients world-wide has been nothing short of phenomenal.


I have developed a very simple way to use Brainspotting Therapy to support those who have addictions to stop relapsing. I have called it the Brainspotting “Crocodile Set Up” because I use the metaphor of a Crocodile for the Addiction Process.

I have taught the Brainspotting “Crocodile Set Up” to hundreds of therapists world-wide, and every week I receive feedback about the amazing results those therapists are having with their clients.

Training in 2019

Brasilia, Brazil (February, 2019)

Ljubljana, Slovenia (April, 2019)

Barcelona, Spain (May 2019)

Los Angeles, USA (July 2019)


Training in 2020

Sydney, Australia (7th-9th February 2020)

with The Hero’s Journey on Day 3


Online – ZOOM 12 hour training over 4 days


25th & 26th April 2020


2nd & 3rd April 2020

(Los Angeles time 3-6pm each day)


Training in 2021

Quito, Ecuador (22-24 January, 2021)

Ottawa, Canada TBA


The pre-requisite for participating in the Crocodile Set-Up Addiction Resolution Training is a 3-day In-Person Phase One training in Brainspotting

Training Locations

  • International Brainspotting Phase One Trainings
  • Australian Phase One Trainings

Dr Roby Abeles

Dr Roby Abeles

Dr Roby Abeles, is a Trauma & Addiction Resolutionist.

She provides integrated BrainBody Neuroscience based, relational therapy to her clients.

She is a BSP Trainer and provides E-Consultation in BSP to therapists worldwide.

She is the developer of “The Crocodile Set Up – BSP for Addiction” a training which she has taught all over the world, and which continues to be in high demand by therapists world-wide.


In 2019, she developed The Hero’s Journey Process, based on Joseph Campbell’s archetypal monomyth and an associated Brainspotting MultiFocal Set Up. This process is to bring a sense of profound sacredness and meaning to any Journey a person has struggled through.

The Hero’s Journey

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